The Music Blog: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

The first thing I have to say is that I don’t really have anything to say but I feel the need to mark the occasion with a music blog entry. Maybe you expect some witty take on Alice’s Restaurant but when have I ever been witty other that to myself. I think I am hilarious.

Nope I have nothing pithy or thought provoking. I hope everyone stays home and stays safe. With a vaccine so close it seems oddly irresponsible to get Covid now. I am cooking a small meal and calling my dad and kid who is spending the holiday with his mom.

If you have been following along musically with me then you know we are well into the letter S. We are way more than half way. In fact, the letter S is the largest letter left. There are a couple of moderate sized letters but nothing like some of the past big letters. You might think that with a letter so large that there would be more blog entries but its really a long way to what I expect will be the next blog. There are not that many blogs in the letter and here are the reasons why. For me to write about something at least one of two things must exist preferably both. One, I have to love the band or in some rare cases hate them but mostly it’s a love thing. Now I can write about an artist simply based on how much I love them, but it’s a lot better when the other thing exists. I need a hook, something about me or a story to really get engaged.

The letter S is full of bands I like but I don’t love or I love but just don’t feel that passionate about. Here is an example I love Simon and Garfunkel and I have quite a few albums but I don’t have anything to write about. That’s the letter S; a lot of artists with one or two albums and then on to the next one. Its fun to listen to but not exactly inspiring.

I also have a few things going on. I am converting to Judaism. That’s not up for discussion. I have already dealt with a friend and their anti-Semitism so I am not allowing it on my blog for sure. That takes up some time, in fact its my primary focus. I am writing a novel. Don’t get all excited I have written novels before and they remain unpublished, but still it takes some of my time and being vision impaired I have a small window to write in or do anything in before my eyes just get exhausted.  The election had taken some of my attention. I have an entire imaginary love affair going with Zola Jesus. Don’t laugh. Don’t judge.

For the first time I missed two artists back to back that I intended to write about so let me catch you up with at least a small bit about them both.

First the Sex Pistols. Now let’s consider a few things. They only had one studio album, Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols. An entire industry now has cropped up around the band and you can find concerts, live recordings and other things out there but one studio album is all they have. Before their reunion tour they had never played in front of more than five hundred people. Yet I consider them one of the five most influential bands of all time. Literally a hundred bands were inspired to form up and play music that they felt was right. Without them there is no Clash. No Joy Division/New Order, no Generation X or Billy Idol. Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees formed because of them. So too did the Pogues and those are just the big bands. I could name more. There are not many bands who influenced more than they did.

The second artist I intended to blog bout was Charlie Sexton. I bought Charlie’s first album in 1986. I associate that album with graduating college, with the most active love life I had ever had and with being on my own. He was already a legend in Austin when that album hit and its sort of a new wave album. I love every song. His career is a head scratcher to me, all that talent and yet few albums and not major success. He is probably best known for the band and album Arc Angels. He has small tours and actually is probably most busy with his work as Bob Dylan’s guitarist.

So that is my catch up hodge podge blog for you. Since its Thanksgiving it seems like such a good time to thank any of you who follow and read my blog. If you have your own blog on wordpress I have tried to follow you back and have done my best to read what you have to say because I know how hard it is to bare your soul and write for others. I adore and cherish every one of you. Keep it up.

Stay safe my friends

Mike out

The Music Blog: Klaus and the Gang

Late in my college life I started to hang out with a guy I played a lot of basketball with. It was that last time-period of a person’s life before adult life started to infringe on all the fun. You know, before college life was put behind you and you started to find your way into a career. While I know many of you were already married and juggling adult responsibilities, I had mostly stayed away from serious relationships. I had the same problem then as I do now, very shy with the opposite sex and girls were not crawling all over me.  It seemed that every girl that thought I was attractive wasn’t attractive to me. I also didn’t work a lot outside of summers and times like spring break which I never got to enjoy like other college students.  Jim was completely different from me. He was very tall and he was from the Chicago area of Illinois.

One of the things that I became aware of was that there were regional differences in the music people listened to. I think a lot of this had to do with Texas radio being a little conservative, They played all the big huge bands but not a lot of the smaller bands until they hit it big, REO Speedwagon is a good example although by that time they had hit the national scene.  Jim’s dad was the contractor for the Charlie Clubs and he was building one in Arlington which is how Jim ended up there. Jim got me a job working at Charlie Club as it was being built. So Jim and I would come to work about 4:30 PM and work til about midnight. Every evening Jim’s dad would give us a list of tasks to complete, mostly clean up with the secondary role to watch over the place. Jim had this big boom box and we would play cassettes of music awhile we were working. There were always some construction guys around mostly ceiling guys who needed space for the lasers they used to put up the ceiling framework and we would shoot the bull with those guys and they liked the music we played. One night Jim brought a band I didn’t know and I really think that it was more a Texas radio thing.

The Scorpions had not hit it super big yet. They were a German band that played good old fashioned rock and roll to me with a leaning towards the metal or hair band type of music that was popular in the 80s. I fell in love with them and it coincided with their release of the album Love at First Sting. Now the other thing about the Scorpions is that they were really a guy’s band. If there is any doubt look at their album covers to see just who they were marketing to. Their album covers were part of the allure, the overt sexuality to it all.  Mostly what I liked and still like about the Scorpions is that they are just a fun band. They are not pretending to be shaking up the world. It is not their goal to make you think about the world around you. Instead they want you to sing their songs to enjoy the music simply because its straight ahead rock and roll.  I saw them twice. The first time was during that Love at First Sting tour. Klaus Meine seems like the most unlikely of front men.  Being German, his English is less than stellar. In fact sometimes you can’t understand anything he is saying. He is having so much fun though that you have to enjoy it and that’s why I love the Scorpions.  They take your mind off every day worries and stressors. You can hear their music and not feel its some sort of political statement. They likely don’t care if they ever win a grammy or make it to the rock and roll hall of fame. They just want you to enjoy what they are playing.

Isn’t that what music is supposed to do?

Mike out

The Music Blog: Reflections

For the first eight years of my life we lived in a 3 bedroom house in North Richland Hills. The house was small but in my memories it seemed so big because of course I am remembering it as an 8 year old or even younger. That time period, those first 8 years seem so idyllic to me. We would move to a bigger house, a new house and from that point on it seemed it was all about keeping up with the Joneses or whoever. Those first 8 years where my parents struggled a bit but always fed us, and the neighbors all looked out for each other was really the happiest time of my youth. At night we would sit in the living room, sparsely furnished, and watch television. I always think of that television as a black and white television but it might have been a color television. A lot of what we watched were variety shows because those were popular and would remain so through most of the 70’s.

There was one show that I loved, one variety show that I never wanted to miss. When the host was on other shows I didn’t miss those either. I would get as close to the television as my parents would allow. She was always smiling, always laughing and she was beautiful. She was my first crush. She was beautiful too, and in the 60s and early 70’s in Texas I didn’t even consider that she was a black woman. I just saw her as a Supreme.

When I found out much later that Michael Jackson had a crush on her I totally understood. If I hear a song today, bam I am 8 years old again trying to get as close to the television as my parents would allow. The Supremes always had those form fitting dresses to give a boy thoughts. No wonder I had a crush. It was more than just their appearance it was those songs and those great vocals that only could come from Motown. They had hits galore. I slowly moved onto other musical crushes still have a few, my latest being Zola Jesus but that’s another blog entirely.

In 1988 America and Americans had finally embraced the Vietnam war and realized that a great wrong had been done to the soldiers who fought. They had been blamed for being soldiers for being wounded, called names and discarded. America was now embracing them. In 1988 the show China Beach premiered on television. I loved it for many reasons but mostly because it dealt with the dark edges of war in general and was mostly told from the perspective of the nurses who gave everything to save the lives of soldiers wounded in horrible ways. The opening song of that show was Reflections a song by Diana Ross and the Supremes. It is my favorite song from the Supremes maybe not as well known as others but it was so perfect for a show that was looking back on a war that was horrible and ugly. I didn’t always watch the show but if I was around even if I was about to walk out the door I would stop when I heard those opening notes and I was 8 years old again. So you will have to indulge me if I swoon a little over Diana, that smile, that laugh and that amazing voice and the songs that she and Mary and Florence sang. I still love them they still make me smile.

Now about Zola Jesus

Yeah I know we will wait on her or you can check her out early.

Mike out

The Music Blog: The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in History

The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in History. That is a bold statement. That statement covers some ground, covers some sub-genres and without doubt will create an argumentative air. Seriously though, despite your love for whatever band and trust me I love a lot of bands there is still only one band that could claim that title, which even should claim that title. Maybe you don’t like Mick Jagger, or maybe you believe the hype that Keith Richards is some drug addled overrated guitarist. That is personal though. With music sometimes the hardest thing to do is be objective, to remove the emotional and personal from the equation. Yet, music is emotional and it does drive passion. So again, maybe you don’t like them, or as someone said when I mentioned the band recently eew gross, they really cannot be denied.

Ever since I was a child I have heard that question, you know the one Beatles or Stones? It’s a stupid question for a lot of reasons. One, we have both so why do I or anyone have to pick just one. I love the Beatles but to me they are a clinical band, a band that was able to create and perform in the vacuum of a studio. They are likely the most creative band that ever recorded a song. They gave up touring and they were probably right to do so at the time given they could not even hear themselves sing. By the late 60s though they could have returned but chose not to. The Rolling Stones were a touring rock band and they continue to tour. Past their prime? Maybe. I hope they keep going. After they are gone, and Aerosmith there just are not a lot of those great rock and roll bands left and what passes for rock music nowadays is something less, way less.

I have not always loved the Rolling Stones. I didn’t own albums from the band growing up. I liked them though, quite a lot. Like the Beatles they always had a song playing on the radio and it seems I have always known their songs. When I was in my teens but before I could drive we used to ride around on our bikes really able to go anywhere and as boys do we sometimes got into trouble. The thing about getting in trouble is that you always need a place to run, a place to hide. Sometimes we ended up at a hole in the wall hang out called Sir and Sons. There you could play pinball or bumper pool. It was mostly for an older crowd but no one ever bothered us there. It seems I always ran into people who knew my sister who was almost four years older than me or sometimes we ran into friends of my friend’s brother. I can’t remember ever being there without hearing Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Tumbling Dice or Honkly Tonk Woman. It seems one of those songs was always playing. We would play bumper pool and sing those songs. I could not tell you why I didn’t own an album from the band. I just didn’t.

In the mid 80s I gave up on Rock and Roll to listen to R&B. I loved the singers but I stayed in touch with rock and roll doings and I still followed a couple of bands I liked. I had almost resolved myself to forever leaving the genre but hip hop was already starting to negatively influence R&B and Rock and Roll seemed doomed to a sea of spandex and hairspray. Then in 1989 my faith in Rock and Roll was restored and it wasn’t by early grunge it was by the old guys the Rolling Stones. In 1989 the Rolling Stones released the album Steel Wheels and I was hooked. It was good old fashioned straight ahead rock music they way I liked it. Not long after buying that album I bought Sticky Fingers and my love for the Rolling Stones began. That love would grow and grow.

Their shows have become really productions now and some of this is because of age. They can’t rock it like they used to and that’s to be expected. I get that many take opportunity to bash Richards and Jagger but those types of bashing are not based on any fact.  Keith Richards has not done hard drugs in an incredibly long time and the time he spent doing hard drugs was relatively short compared to some other rock stars. Recently I read he gave up drinking entirely. I have always been fascinated with guitarist lists of who the greatest is but up until about 15 years ago you would not have found Richards’ name on one of those lists. Now many can see him with an objective eye and understand just how much he has created and done.  Mick Jagger has never been a great singer but being a front man is all about entertainment and he is a master at entertaining the crowds and he created the standards for which front men are measured. He is still a great showman and I would say has gotten more out of his voice than any other singer.  Bill Wyman now retired was always steady. Ron Wood is the greatest side man in the history of music and the interplay between he and Richards is seamless. Charlie Watts is the glue that holds it all together. There is no Rolling Stones without him, yet he performs with the smallest drum kit of any drummer ever. He is not flashy and he doesn’t have to be. He does not need a 100 piece drum kit to be great. All these different parts just work together to make this incredible wonderful whole.  There is no other band like them, no band even close.

So buckle up and turn the volume up.

Mike out

The Music Blog: My Two REO Girls

Life is more and more to me about balance. It seems for every horrible thing you must endure there is at least a positive event to help balance it out. Maybe it seems lopsided sometimes, but I think mostly that’s about true. So this blog may seem a bit of a hodgepodge but really its about balance. Now that I have my negative four readers intrigued, yes I am up to negative four readers, let’s get to it.

Probably the last thing in the world you want to hear is another Kris story but too bad. Kris was my first REO girl. Now for the clueless people REO refers to the band REO Speedwagon.

I was never a big fan of REO Speedwagon growing up. They did not get a lot of airplay in Texas except for a few songs. Sometimes when I bought an album there would be an insert advertising other albums of the period and I would see the album You Can Tune a Piano but You Can’t Tuna Fish and I always thought what a ridiculous title that was for an album. Then in 1981 everything changed. In 1981 REO Speedwagon released the album Hi Infidelity and it was a mega hit and became one of my favorite albums.

A few years later my friend from college Kris and I started to really hang out and that meant a lot of times being at her house in the afternoon listening to music and making crazy party tapes for me. The first time we did this she could not stop laughing because it was not anywhere near a party tape because it was almost all of the band Asia’s first album. So I was determined to do better on the second tape and she pulled some of her own albums to help me put together something good. One of the songs I wanted to add was the live version of Ridin’ the Storm Out from You Get What You Play For. Now if you can remember that song has a really long fade out and mostly its Kevin Cronin the singer introducing the band. As I was running out of tape I told Kris to go ahead and stop and she just kept recording because the last person Cronin introduces is Allan Gratzer the band’s drummer and she had a thing for him. So every time I hear that song I have to see if they will allow it to go all the way for Kris. I just love her. I actually have found her husband if they are still married but I am really afraid to reach out. My reach outs don’t seem to work out. Anyway Kris is my first REO girl and definitely the positive in this story.

Now remember that album You Can Tune a Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish? Of course you do it was just a few seconds ago, sheesh. anyway that happens to be a really awesome album and the big song from that album happens to be my favorite REO song of all time Time For Me to Fly.  Now my loyal readers, wait I don’t have any of them. You might recall that I am not crazy about lyrics. For the most part I am not big on them but that song I am. It’s about gaining independence from a really bad relationship[ or at least it is to me.

For seven years I was in a relationship with a woman who I adored, cherished, loved and sometimes even worshipped the ground she walked on. It was not a relationship I needed to be in at all. I was wrong for being in it despite whatever promises and plans she made and shared with me. I am not going into great detail, but I had never loved anyone that much and believed that they loved me that much. It was horribly destructive and the longer it went the more destructive it became. One of the things that became clear is that I was just entertainment to her. I was someone who would tell her how gorgeous she was and how much appreciated she was and how nice her hair looked or her nails when they got done. I even loved to shop with her and she loved every bit of that attention. It mattered little that she could not meet many of my own needs and pretty soon she was not meeting any of my needs. Slowly Time For Me to Fly just began to have more and more meaning for me. More and more I made her laugh and she made me cry. The times she walked into my house were moments of pure joy and when she would leave I would ache with loss until all I ever felt was loss and sadness. Time For Me to Fly and The Veronicas You Ruined Me those songs pretty much encapsulated what I felt every day. I thinks it’s been three years since we did anything romantic and in that time I have tried a couple of times to be friends but each time she starts to put me on a pedestal and building me up and I know that its only so she can hurt me later. I cannot be friends with her. I am broken because of this relationship. I won’t ever be the same. I don’t even want to try.  Yea she is my second REO girl. The best thing I can say is that I loved that song before her and luckily she has not ruined it for me but sometimes when I hear it I know for me it’s about her.

That is just the way it is

Mike out.

The Music Blog: This One Goes Out to the One I Love

In the mid 80 to late 80’s I worked for a large group home, it was essentially like a large orphanage full of broken children from as young as 4 up to age 12. They were grouped by age and each group had a group leader. If you read my blog on Kenny G this is the place where the group leader broke down. I began working there as a relief and weekend group leader for the oldest group of boys. A week after I started the regular group leader left without notice and I took over that position. The staff was young. There is something about the work that almost requires you to be young. The older you are the harder time you will have gaining trust with kids that have a hard time trusting anyway. The downside to this is that there is high turnover and so these shattered children who have known almost nothing but abuse in their short lives keep feeling abandoned. Another downside is that when your staff is young they need a lot of supervision because their coping skills and experience with crisis situations and de-escalation techniques is just lacking. I had already worked at a similar group home and as I have said I am a problem solver and a leader and things just ultimately start to go through me.

My cohort in all of this was the supervisor, Diane. We were kindred spirits from the moment we met. She was exactly one year and one day older than I was born on April 29 the year before I was. In some ways she seemed so much older than I was. I had grown up in Texas and had never really been anywhere else. She was a modern day hippie girl and she had lived in both New York City and Baltimore, Maryland.  We both loved music but her tastes were more into old 60’s rock, Kate Bush and her very favorite band R.E.M.

          I had honestly not heard much of R.E.M.’s music, maybe a few songs. At that time they still were not widely heard on the radio, especially Texas radio. They were really an underground college band. Diane loved them and she was always encouraging me to check them out and one day I did when I bought the album Document. If I was going to start anywhere this was certainly a good place. You might know the album from the enormously big song It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine which received enormous airplay and still does. Its everyone’s apocalypse song. It might be my least favorite song on the album. It might be my least favorite song the band ever did.  There was one song though that I instantly fell in love with and I can’t hear it and not think about Diane.  This One Goes Out to the One I Love was a minor hit for the band but I think it’s the best song on the album and one of the best songs they ever did. It was this song that made me a fan and in typical Samurai fashion I went out and started getting all the other R.E.M. albums.

          R.E.M. hit it big with the album Out of Time.  The album was a hit machine and brought the band fully into mainstream music.  With hits like Radio Song, Losing My Religion, and Shiny Happy People the band was suddenly all over MTV. Michael Stipe has always said that he regretted making Shiny Happy People and after the tour he refused to sing it again. I suspect that the reason why he recorded it in the first place was Kate Pierson from the B-52’s who sings background on the song. Both bands came from Athens, GA and were friends and its pretty hard to deny Kate Pierson anything. I know none of this for fact but it feels right to me.

          After Out of Time R.E.M. just dominated the music scene. In 1992 they released Automatic for the People which is an amazing album also full of hits but it has one of the most awesome chilling songs to kick the album off. Hearing the song Drive today still gives me goosebumps. There is also Man on the Moon a tribute to the great Andy Kaufman and I just adore that they would do that.

After Automatic for the People R.E.M. continued to put out records at a steady pace. After the album Monster they started to tail off as other bands replaced them at the top of the charts but that’s okay. That’s what happens in the music business. For me though R.E.M. had one more great moment left one great amazing song which is actually if I had to number it would be my second favorite R.E.M. song with Imitation of Life off the album Reveal.

So let’s listen to some R.E.M. and let it fly.

Mike out

The Music Blog: Breaking the Girl

There are few bands that I love that I once hated. You can count them on one hand and if you asked me in a moment off guard I could probably only think of one.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

I know there are some that don’t like the band and many who just adore them and still an entire other group who say they love them but can only point to the song Under the Bridge as the reason. Those who love them always want to know how I could have possibly ever hated them. Actually some of my reasoning would not surprise you at all as I have stated multiple times that I don’t really care for bands that rap to their songs in a rock format and that includes bands like Rage Against the Machine and Linkin Park and a host of others. None of those bands mean anything to me at all and both of those bands I really do not like. I just don’t like that style. Honestly a lot of my disdain came from the whole socks on their cocks thing they did. If you don’t know the Chili Peppers early in their career would come on stage wearing only socks on their nether regions and that’s how they would play.  I am certainly not a prude but to me it was a big turnoff. How big a turnoff? Well big enough that I just didn’t listen to them at all.  There was another reason though that hardened my heart just when the band got big.

I used to work at a free standing psychiatric hospital on the adolescent inpatient unit. Now this particular hospital had a Residential Treatment Center as well that sat away from the main hospital.  It wasn’t always the safest place to work but mostly that came later.  The RTC kids and the inpatient kids rarely mixed because the RTC kids had a lot more freedom and naturally snuck things in, contraband things that we didn’t need around the inpatient unit. Along comes my very favorite patient of all time. She came in late to be admitted around midnight. We had reports of her that she was disruptive and had been kicked out of her last hospital for sleeping with a staff member. The same night she was admitted she walked out of her room naked. We had to watch her. If you want to know about her I blogged about her long ago and its titled Gianna, pronounced Jenna. To me she was sick and needed both care and protection. It always falls to me. When something went wrong on the unit they asked me what happened and I was the default leader of the evening staff. I made things go. That’s not me blowing my own horn that’s just the way it is everywhere I have ever worked. Leaders lead and leaders solve problems.

RTC had a staff member that was a self-stylized rocker and Anthony Kiedis was his idol and role model down to the recovering heroin addict. When RTC came to dinner he would walk into the inpatient unit with his guitar and disrupt everything and he was there for one thing; Gianna. To her he was a rock star and to him she was a groupie that would sit there at his knees and sway to his guitar playing singing along. She was a free spirit, elfin cute and certainly not afraid to be sexual. She was also a Schizophrenic and not a stable one. I saw him for what he was a predator and it took me going to the RTC Coordinator who would one day become my wife and telling her what was going on for it to be nipped in the bud.

The cynic would say I was just jealous. I took my job serious and Schizophrenics would always be my favorite population to work with. Medication worked with Gianna and eventually we got a lot done and when she was discharged I stayed with her until late just talking crying about all her fears and all her potential. There is a reason why she will always be my favorite and much of it has to do with that last conversation dealing with a horrible diagnosis and an iffy future.

I hated the Chili Peppers and all for the wrong reasons. That guy moved on, as did Gianna and I still would not listen to any of their music. Then a friend who used to run around with me a little but smoked a little too much weed asked if I had heard the Chili Peppers song from the Coneheads soundtrack Soul II Squeeze.  He insisted I listened to it and sat their singing it at the top of his lungs but he was right it was a great song. How great? It is my favorite Chili Pepper song. So I gave them a chance and listened to Blood Sugar Sex Magik the album and I guess the song and I did like it. I did love Under the Bridge and I really fell in love with the story of Hillel Slovak the band’s first guitarist and Kiedis’ best friend and drug buddy who died of a heroin overdose and certainly impacted the writing of those lyrics in Under the Bridge. I admire Kiedis’ silence on his addiction. He will talk about it and he has slipped before maybe even a couple of times but he has the soul of a poet and why wouldn’t I love that. I love their music and I have it all. Overnight they went from a band I hated, despised and I am talking Zappaesque hate to a band I just cherish and love. I titled this Breaking the Girl named after a Chili Pepper song on Blood Sugar Sex Magik and when I hear that song I think about Gianna. I actually think about her a lot. She impacted me in many ways. I don’t know whether anything I did mattered or made a difference because that’s not ever the reason why I did the work I did. I hope I did but I can’t get trapped in the did I or didn’t I questions. I did the best I could. I tried to protect her because her parents gave us their trust and because she had been let down before.  She mattered to me then and she matters to me now and that’s why I was a social worker.

So here we go playing the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I hope you enjoy and I hope you read the blog and maybe think about a free spirit because I sure hope she is still out there. I hope she is not broken.

Mike out

My Weird Week and Part of My Journey

If you were expecting my music blog well you are at the right place but its just not that particular blog but you are most welcome to read it anyway. Its just been a weird bizarre week full of good things and full of strange occurrences.  If you are one of the people close to me then it is likely you know that I am in the process of converting to Judaism. It is something I have wanted for a really long time, and the funny (not ha ha) thing about my journey is that for the first time it does not feel like I am fighting God, like I am swimming upstream all of the time. For most of my 57 years I have felt disconnected from God and for the last 20 years I have felt punished by God. I have railed against him angrily, fallen to my knees crying asking for forgiveness for being born. Its been painful and I have felt like I am walking on a knife edge for a long time. I could go on, there is more but honestly you don’t need to know all this and I would hope that you would at least respect that before you read this and share it with someone else or talk about it.

My journey to Judaism began a long time ago and it began because I recognized that our office wasn’t as neutral about the holiday season as they claimed. Oh sure it was mandated that we say Happy Holidays but all of the decorations were about Christmas. They put little Christmas trees on  all the cubicles and each unit had holiday parties and Secret Santa only I had a Jewish girl who worked on my team and I just felt it certainly wasn’t fair to her and wondered how she felt about it all so I asked. She blew me off, said it was no big deal as she wasn’t really religious but I got that bit in my teeth and if you know me then you know time to look out. So I threw her a Hanukkah party. She loved it and we surprised her and I woke up at 4 am and made enough latkes to feed the entire office with seconds.

From that point on every year I started to recognize Hanukkah and last year I began to wonder what would happen if I decided to explore why lighting those candles gave me so much peace more peace than I have ever known.  So I bought two books one on Judaism and one on conversion and after reading those books I contacted a Rabbi and every day since that day has been filled with wonder, and excitement and a connection to God that I have never ever had. If I thought lighting a Menorah gave me peace lighting Friday evening Shabbat candles is like lighting a flame inside of me. I have had multiple spiritual moments along the way and I have not completed the process maybe not even be close but every day I feel a little more fulfilled a little more blessed than the day before.

The worst part is that Covid has impacted services so that we do them on Zoom, I meet with the Rabbi on Zoom. I cannot imagine how much more amazing it would be if I could be with so many kindred spirits as one in person.  The biggest issue for me is of course sight. The format that was used in services was impossible for me to see.  They were working on this though and they moved to a sort of power point style with the colorful backgrounds and larger print and I announced I could see it which excited a lot of people.  The Rabbi calls on people to read so this was a big deal but almost as soon as we switched to that format my vision has slipped away as it does and I just have not been able to see it without getting really close which would probably scare people. A few weeks ago though on a Saturday morning the Rabbi called on me to read and I put on my stronger glasses which have not been enough and suddenly it was enough. I can’t tell you how much joy that gave me. When I took my dog to the park this story started coming fast and furious in my head. I have long wanted to write a story with a character who is blind and suddenly I had it. Now we have also been in the month of Elul which is the month before Rosh Ha-Shanah and then just 10 days to Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement.  The month of Elul is spent reflecting on your past year your screw ups your good moments and your worst moments but for me having never gone through naturally I think of my entire life. So I wrestle daily with this idea of laying myself bare to God and the horrible things I have done. I am not an evil person but I have done some bad things at least to me they are bad, mostly having to do with relationships. Let’s just say its been a rough month like scouring your soul clean. I talked to the Rabbi about some of these things but really this is between me and God but just re-telling how that reading made me feel made him smile and he said its powerful stuff. So my character is Jewish and because of all the reflection a lot of the story is personal wrapped up in a fictional tale.

So this week I have been preparing for Rosh Ha-Shanah. I have posted a couple of times the shofar blowing. Just hearing it gives me goosebumps and that’s from youtube.  I also outlined this story which is going to be in six parts. I don’t think it will be a super long book. I am going to tell the story and let it fly but I have gone old school because I don’t usually write to an outline but this time I am. I started writing part one this week. Its slow going but it feels good and the writing is what I want. One thing Judaism has really instilled in me is honoring my parents. I have let go of a lof of guilt around my mom’s death and on Yom Kippur it will be good to go through a Yizkor service and light a Yarzheit candle for her. I have one ready to light. I have also I think grown closer to my dad. I talk to him a lot more often and I am not letting our differences get in the way of just enjoying hearing his voice.  He had made me laugh a lot lately. Early in the week my dad sent me steaks from Omaha. It was so nice of him. Now I can’t talk to him about any of this because he isn’t going to understand and he is going to be horribly upset. In fact I have no family support for what I am doing. I am doing this all alone.

A few days ago a friend of mine who helps me from time to time and checks on me and I were texting and she asked if we could talk on the phone. I said sure.  We didn’t really even talk she asked me right off the bat why Judaism. So I started to answer and before I could even get a sentence out she interrupted me and said you want to know what my belief is. I said you asked me a question that you won’t listen to my answer. She said we would get back to it. She then proceeded to tell me that everyone needs to have a personal relationship with God. I said I didn’t disagree with the statement and then started to explain why Judaism is working for me and she interrupts and says you told me a long time ago and then tells me what I told her ten years ago which wqs everyone can believe or not believe in God and having a relationship with God was important. Then she goes off on a preaching rant where she keeps saying YOU Need to find the religion that works best for you. I said I had and then she goes off again and said there were many religions out there and I needed again using that YOU need to find the one that works for me. So now I was bordering on a little anger and I forcefully interrupted her and said that I was not a stupid person I was aware of other religions and that Judaism is what worked for me. Then she told me she just didn’t want me to blow something up, that she loved her country too much to see me especially me blowing things up. She meant this as physically making bombs.  I asked her who the hell she was talking to and when had I ever threatened to do anything like that and how did Judaism connect. She didn’t answer just said goodnight and then sent me a text message saying it wasn’t her best night.  Its hard to even call the comments Anti-Semitic.  Maybe it was me posting the shofar being blown that confused her. Clearly she thinks that being Jewish is some radical religion, maybe she confuses it with radical Islam but it will still be wrong to lump all of Islam with outright terrorism. Later I talked to my friend Wayne who put in perspective to not let it bother me and laugh it off but still. I told you it was weird. Now I also had my dear friend Genia add my fruit request to her grocery list and my friend Scott her husband dropped it by which was incredibly kind of both of them. Then more weirdness this morning Rosco my dog and I got up pretty early so we made some coffee. He likes his strong. We walked to the trash bin and threw some boxes away and then he did his business and I cleaned it up and we start walking around the neighborhood. I call it the quick loop. We get to the street and this guy runs out of his gate, with a gun waving. Thankfully he recognized me but it made me a little nervous. Turns out he had caught someone under his truck with a cordless saw I guess trying to maybe to steal the Cadillac converter and had chased him away. He asked if I had seen anyone and I said no. We chatted a few minutes and then Rosco and I finished our walk in a hurry.

I told you it was a weird week.

Shana tovah


The Music Blog: Freddie

I am going to struggle with this blog. I just am and mostly because my feelings for Queen are just so ambivalent. I like Queen but I just don’t love them. Its not really any one thing but maybe just a mix of things. When I listen to their studio albums I get the real good highs of the really good songs and the few great ones and the really bad songs that turn me off and make me wonder what were they thinking. I like the gems in their albums like the song All Dead but that’s just not enough.

A couple of years ago I was at a vinyl party and it was a good time and we got into a discussion as you might expect on great front men. Now look I love all sorts of front men and some at least one front woman I cherish the ground she walks on. Oh Belinda!!! Like any great discussion on who the greatest is be it singers or guitarists or drummers there is going to be a variety of opinion. First of all let me say there is a difference between a great singer and a great front man. You don’t have to be one to be the other. In my opinion and its just my opinion the greatest front man in the history of rock and roll is Mick Jagger. Everyone falls in line somewhere after Mick. One of my vinyl buddies believes that it’s Freddie Mercury. I do think they are both great but Mick is Mick and Freddie is Freddie. Mick is the example that all front men aspire to. He set the standards.

My first experience or knowledge of Queen was when I was in junior high. My sister who was in high school and old enough to drive would take me to school some mornings. Many mornings I rode my bike. Depending on which grade I was actually in, I either had football practice in the morning or afternoon. So one morning we were on the way to school and a song came on the radio and I said there was something wrong with her speakers. She said no that’s the way the song was which I thought was cool. I cannot remember the song but I asked if there were other bands that did that and my sister said that Queen had a few songs. I had never heard of Queen. A little while later months weeks I don’t know when the song We Are the Champions became a hit and was all over radio. I bought that album News of the World. I didn’t buy another queen album for many many years. The album was just okay and as a teenager I was going to spend my money on albums I really liked. For most of the remainder of Queen’s career they would have hit songs and some of those songs I really liked and some I really didn’t. When Fat Bottom Girls came out I liked the guitar riff but little else. Now I love the song quite a bit. I don’t know what it is about them but it’s there for me something I just can’t quite put into words. I am just not a big fan.

Queen is a band that just revolves around Freddie.  I know there are Brian May fans and quite honestly I think he is underrated but you didn’t go so see a Queen show to see Brian you went to see Freddie. Now maybe some of you might say that about the Rolling Stones but I bet you are in a very small minority. Keith is as much the show as Mick. I actually saw Queen with Paul Rodgers and thought it was a great show but that was because Rodgers is a great front man too and could stand up on his own. Queen with Adam Lambert is all about tribute to Freddie and more power to them as I do not begrudge Brian May for that.  Play as long as you can and Freddie is worth remembering.

It is not Freddie the front man that intrigues me. It is Freddie the human, the vulnerable very fragile human who privately was so lonely and just wanted someone to love him not because he was Freddie Mercury the rock star but because he was Freddie this vulnerable fragile human who deserved to be loved. He denied the horrible illness that took his life until the end telling the band only and just a few others close to him. That’s the tragedy and I cried for him still cry for him because Freddie mattered like the friends I lost mattered all dying miserable sad deaths all alone.

That is what makes Queen worth remembering because Queen will always matter. There are some who will always hate Queen because they are unable to separate Freddie’s sexuality from the music he wrote and performed. Maybe they should not be separated. Freddie stood for LGBQT rights before that phrase was coined because Freddie knew that no one should have to deny who they are and certainly should not be judged for it. Again it will always be Freddie the person who matters to me and maybe one great moment from Wayne’s World that reminded everyone how much music matters to most of us,

Party on.

Mike out

The Music Blog: Not Edgar Allen

There used to be a disc jockey on radio back in the day, station KDGE in Dallas named Jessie. I loved her. She had this great voice but more importantly she would advocate strongly for the bands or artists that she loved. To me that was the real attraction to being a disc jockey. Now understand I know the record industry pushes certain artists on radio stations, they pay for airtime. They pay the bills so radio stations have always bowed to them a bit, but I never got a sense that Jessie did that. Sure she played songs she was told to play but the songs she raved about, the artists that she spent her time passionately talking about; those were here artists. Almost without exception her choices led me to new music and inevitably it was always music I loved. Jessie’s show was where I first heard Poe.

I don’t know if there is a cooler chick on the planet for me. She has that something, tall slender and angular and fiercely independent. She has a style that I love, a presence undeniable for me a voice that is magic to me and writes songs that I love deeply. I would probably have her baby and wonder if she needs or wants a blind faithful servant willing to do anything. Ooops I digress a bit. Yea I got a thing for her.

Poe arrived on the alternative music scene in the mid 90’s along with the mad rush for angry female artists. I would not describe her music as being angry, instead I see it as a declaration of female independence, fierce independence. Poe goes her own way. It’s easy to see these days the powerful influence of social media with the multiple platforms for expressing your individuality and influencing people. In the mid 90’s there wasn’t those platforms, yet Poe built much of her base through her interactive website that included her personal communication with fans and sharing things about herself and her music. It built a fanbase before she ever released an album. There was always a buzz about her. She was and still is a creative force.

She is the daughter of Polish film director Tad Danielewski and she lived all over the world until she was 8 when her father moved the family to Provo, Utah. Her parents divorced when she was 16 and she moved to New York independently while trying to re-connect with her mother. She finished school in Utah by mailing in assignments and then attended Princeton. Her brother is Mark Z. Danielewski who she later allowed to butcher in my opinion her best song. He is a novelist. She was born Anne Danielewski.

She began collaborating as a teenager with noted DJ’s  JDilla  and RJ Rice and in 1994  she was signed to Modern Records on the strength of a demo. In 1995 Poe released her first album Hello on the strength of the single Trigger Happy Jack. It was a terrific debut album and the song I have always loved is Angry Johnny. Now Angry Johnny has one of the truly great lines ever. She sings “I wanna blow you” insert pause “away.” I have been told that there is a lot of innuendo with that line but I don’t know what they are talking about.

Hello is a wonderful album and because of Poe’s great online presence she built a big following. It was also the time of the alternative female singers and she fit that mold nicely. Her second album came five years later in 2000. She discovered a boxful of audio tapes of her late father and began listening to them . This impacted her and is especially apparent in some of her lyrics for the follow-up album Haunted which was released in October of 2000. If you listen to the song Haunted it will give you chills or to use a JLo term goosies.

When haunted was released I still did not know Poe’s music except for the song Angry Johnny. My favorite DJ Jessie introduced me to the song Hey Pretty and I absolutely fell in love with Poe. Hey I would be willing to have her baby. It is absolutely a great song. If you have never heard it then do a search and listen to it but be careful. In 2001 because the song was so popular Poe re-mixed it only dubbed her brother’s voice over the song reading from his stupid novel thus ruining a wonderful song. Yea yea some people like it but I hear his voice and I want to scream. I won’t listen to it.  The original is 100% better.

Poe had a lot of record label problems and maybe that turned her off the entire industry but for awhile she disappeared. Somewhere around 2014 she began to do some shows but there is no indication she will ever do another album and really she is media savvy enough that she could just stick to digital releases.

She is one of my favorite artists. I encourage you to give her a listen. She writes great music has a unique wicked cool voice. I had a friend tell me once that they didn’t like her music until one day we were sitting around chatting and he asked me what I was playing because he loved it. He was shocked. It was Poe.

Mike out