The Music Blog: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

The first thing I have to say is that I don’t really have anything to say but I feel the need to mark the occasion with a music blog entry. Maybe you expect some witty take on Alice’s Restaurant but when have I ever been witty other that to myself. I think I am hilarious.

Nope I have nothing pithy or thought provoking. I hope everyone stays home and stays safe. With a vaccine so close it seems oddly irresponsible to get Covid now. I am cooking a small meal and calling my dad and kid who is spending the holiday with his mom.

If you have been following along musically with me then you know we are well into the letter S. We are way more than half way. In fact, the letter S is the largest letter left. There are a couple of moderate sized letters but nothing like some of the past big letters. You might think that with a letter so large that there would be more blog entries but its really a long way to what I expect will be the next blog. There are not that many blogs in the letter and here are the reasons why. For me to write about something at least one of two things must exist preferably both. One, I have to love the band or in some rare cases hate them but mostly it’s a love thing. Now I can write about an artist simply based on how much I love them, but it’s a lot better when the other thing exists. I need a hook, something about me or a story to really get engaged.

The letter S is full of bands I like but I don’t love or I love but just don’t feel that passionate about. Here is an example I love Simon and Garfunkel and I have quite a few albums but I don’t have anything to write about. That’s the letter S; a lot of artists with one or two albums and then on to the next one. Its fun to listen to but not exactly inspiring.

I also have a few things going on. I am converting to Judaism. That’s not up for discussion. I have already dealt with a friend and their anti-Semitism so I am not allowing it on my blog for sure. That takes up some time, in fact its my primary focus. I am writing a novel. Don’t get all excited I have written novels before and they remain unpublished, but still it takes some of my time and being vision impaired I have a small window to write in or do anything in before my eyes just get exhausted.  The election had taken some of my attention. I have an entire imaginary love affair going with Zola Jesus. Don’t laugh. Don’t judge.

For the first time I missed two artists back to back that I intended to write about so let me catch you up with at least a small bit about them both.

First the Sex Pistols. Now let’s consider a few things. They only had one studio album, Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols. An entire industry now has cropped up around the band and you can find concerts, live recordings and other things out there but one studio album is all they have. Before their reunion tour they had never played in front of more than five hundred people. Yet I consider them one of the five most influential bands of all time. Literally a hundred bands were inspired to form up and play music that they felt was right. Without them there is no Clash. No Joy Division/New Order, no Generation X or Billy Idol. Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees formed because of them. So too did the Pogues and those are just the big bands. I could name more. There are not many bands who influenced more than they did.

The second artist I intended to blog bout was Charlie Sexton. I bought Charlie’s first album in 1986. I associate that album with graduating college, with the most active love life I had ever had and with being on my own. He was already a legend in Austin when that album hit and its sort of a new wave album. I love every song. His career is a head scratcher to me, all that talent and yet few albums and not major success. He is probably best known for the band and album Arc Angels. He has small tours and actually is probably most busy with his work as Bob Dylan’s guitarist.

So that is my catch up hodge podge blog for you. Since its Thanksgiving it seems like such a good time to thank any of you who follow and read my blog. If you have your own blog on wordpress I have tried to follow you back and have done my best to read what you have to say because I know how hard it is to bare your soul and write for others. I adore and cherish every one of you. Keep it up.

Stay safe my friends

Mike out

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