The Music Blog: The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in History

The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in History. That is a bold statement. That statement covers some ground, covers some sub-genres and without doubt will create an argumentative air. Seriously though, despite your love for whatever band and trust me I love a lot of bands there is still only one band that could claim that title, which even should claim that title. Maybe you don’t like Mick Jagger, or maybe you believe the hype that Keith Richards is some drug addled overrated guitarist. That is personal though. With music sometimes the hardest thing to do is be objective, to remove the emotional and personal from the equation. Yet, music is emotional and it does drive passion. So again, maybe you don’t like them, or as someone said when I mentioned the band recently eew gross, they really cannot be denied.

Ever since I was a child I have heard that question, you know the one Beatles or Stones? It’s a stupid question for a lot of reasons. One, we have both so why do I or anyone have to pick just one. I love the Beatles but to me they are a clinical band, a band that was able to create and perform in the vacuum of a studio. They are likely the most creative band that ever recorded a song. They gave up touring and they were probably right to do so at the time given they could not even hear themselves sing. By the late 60s though they could have returned but chose not to. The Rolling Stones were a touring rock band and they continue to tour. Past their prime? Maybe. I hope they keep going. After they are gone, and Aerosmith there just are not a lot of those great rock and roll bands left and what passes for rock music nowadays is something less, way less.

I have not always loved the Rolling Stones. I didn’t own albums from the band growing up. I liked them though, quite a lot. Like the Beatles they always had a song playing on the radio and it seems I have always known their songs. When I was in my teens but before I could drive we used to ride around on our bikes really able to go anywhere and as boys do we sometimes got into trouble. The thing about getting in trouble is that you always need a place to run, a place to hide. Sometimes we ended up at a hole in the wall hang out called Sir and Sons. There you could play pinball or bumper pool. It was mostly for an older crowd but no one ever bothered us there. It seems I always ran into people who knew my sister who was almost four years older than me or sometimes we ran into friends of my friend’s brother. I can’t remember ever being there without hearing Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Tumbling Dice or Honkly Tonk Woman. It seems one of those songs was always playing. We would play bumper pool and sing those songs. I could not tell you why I didn’t own an album from the band. I just didn’t.

In the mid 80s I gave up on Rock and Roll to listen to R&B. I loved the singers but I stayed in touch with rock and roll doings and I still followed a couple of bands I liked. I had almost resolved myself to forever leaving the genre but hip hop was already starting to negatively influence R&B and Rock and Roll seemed doomed to a sea of spandex and hairspray. Then in 1989 my faith in Rock and Roll was restored and it wasn’t by early grunge it was by the old guys the Rolling Stones. In 1989 the Rolling Stones released the album Steel Wheels and I was hooked. It was good old fashioned straight ahead rock music they way I liked it. Not long after buying that album I bought Sticky Fingers and my love for the Rolling Stones began. That love would grow and grow.

Their shows have become really productions now and some of this is because of age. They can’t rock it like they used to and that’s to be expected. I get that many take opportunity to bash Richards and Jagger but those types of bashing are not based on any fact.  Keith Richards has not done hard drugs in an incredibly long time and the time he spent doing hard drugs was relatively short compared to some other rock stars. Recently I read he gave up drinking entirely. I have always been fascinated with guitarist lists of who the greatest is but up until about 15 years ago you would not have found Richards’ name on one of those lists. Now many can see him with an objective eye and understand just how much he has created and done.  Mick Jagger has never been a great singer but being a front man is all about entertainment and he is a master at entertaining the crowds and he created the standards for which front men are measured. He is still a great showman and I would say has gotten more out of his voice than any other singer.  Bill Wyman now retired was always steady. Ron Wood is the greatest side man in the history of music and the interplay between he and Richards is seamless. Charlie Watts is the glue that holds it all together. There is no Rolling Stones without him, yet he performs with the smallest drum kit of any drummer ever. He is not flashy and he doesn’t have to be. He does not need a 100 piece drum kit to be great. All these different parts just work together to make this incredible wonderful whole.  There is no other band like them, no band even close.

So buckle up and turn the volume up.

Mike out

One thought on “The Music Blog: The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in History

  1. I totally agree with you. The Stones have stood the test of time and their sound is uniquely their own. I will never scroll past or change a Stones tune on the radio…it will dutifully get turned up!


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