Interlude A poem: Blind Confusion

And it comes…
Lost in my own house
Darkness my friend, creeping
Where am I? Where is the wall?
I will fall, I will fall. I reach.
Ludicrous panic rises, you will laugh
This is funny, take a step, a chance.
The more it hurts the more mirth ensues
What’s the worst that can happen?
And so Death comes to me,Taking my hand, guiding me to safety.

Chastised and brow beaten
By all my sighted friends
To get out, go places use your cane.
A Neighbor screams at me harshly
I am on his curb, cane bent at my feet.
I am turned around, every thing a blur.
Blood streams down my shattered knee
Everything hurts, and I am lost
And so death comes to me
With a smile and carrying bandages

Get out get out, go somewhere
The streets are so busy, so loud
Cars whizzing by and I a little boy
Without my mother to hold my hand.
A car honks, someone laughs
See the blind man jump and flinch.
They are gone too fast to see the tears.
Is that a rock or a hole, my cane can’t tell?
And so death comes to me
With a tissue and an offered arm.

A night out with friends
Do I have enough money?
Bright colored lights surround me.
They run and streak like a horror movie
I say it’s fine, but I am dizzy
Walking to the restroom a guy steps in front
Waves his hands in my face laughing.
He won’t move, I feel closed in.
And so death comes to me
With a snarl and wearing boxing gloves.

I am bruised and battered
Alone alone, I am so alone
Three times I have run into the same thing
Move it you dummy they say
I have, twice before
They laugh at my bruises
Are you really that clumsy or stupid?
I want to be held, but there is no one
And so death comes to me
Carrying an icepack and an angry glare

I ask for help too much
I don’t ask for help enough
I whine and complain all the time
No one likes you, or your silly music
Who wants to be around one such as you?
Why is everything about your blindness?
Why can’t you get a life?
You are not stupid just ignorant
And so death comes to me
Carrying a pillow and a story to read

Come see me come see me, you say
Blindness is an excuse, use your cane
Get over your fear, being blind is easy
At my house there are new walls to run into
I can take pictures of your bruises and laugh
If I put a dead bug on your food would you see it?
Oh we will have lots of fun at your expense
I will move things and watch you trip.
And so death comes to me
Carrying a six pack and a movie.

There is a pig in my laundry
Black and white and snorting.
You stupid pigshit, it is only a dream.
There are boots on a walkway
A killer walking, coming for me.
A tiny adult child walks into my house
Smiling, she is perfectly manicured
A tall woman stands by my bed.
And so death comes to me
Singing lullabies and burning sage.

And it comes…

2 thoughts on “Interlude A poem: Blind Confusion

  1. It’s hard to even begin to imagine how difficult a world is with the absence of sight so I am not even going to try to weigh-in on it. I do, however, know how ugly humans can be and it is beyond disturbing that anyone could harass or be so uncaring with the obvious struggle. If I could wipe them off the earth, I would.


    • Well the flip side needs a poem to the people who lift you drive out of their way to take you places bake you cakes take you to sit at a bar cause you want to even though they dont really dri k that much I see a lot of kindness that takes my breath away


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