He’s Not an Animal, He’s Not

American slang

It drives me stupid crazy. Its lazy and sounds ignorant. All of it. Everything has to be chopped down, dumbed down because we are too lazy and too ignorant to think of more intelligent ways to communicate so we pick the way that makes us sound like the biggest idiot and it usualy works.

I cringe when I hear the words baby daddy and baby momma. Do people not have names? My son used this expression an intelligent young man into science and things I could not possibly understand but I told him h sounds ignorant. He asked what was he supposed to call them. I said I didn’t know, Joe, Jane whatever their names were.

In sports and music we love the word GOAT, we even capitalize all the letters to make us look cool. Doesn’t work. It is supposed to stand for greatest of all time. Someone works their ass off all their life so we can call them a goat, an animal that spends its time, crapping, eating everything including your socks and head butting random things and we use that to describe a person who has reached the very top of their profession. Its demeaning. Call Tom Brady what he is great maybe the greatest of all time. He is not a GOAT. Lazy ignorant people.

You are wondering okay what has this to do with music. Well I have written about the greatest album of all time so now I have reached a point where I can tell you about the man I think is the greatest guitarist of all time. He isn’t flashy. His name used to be thrown out there all the time and now its like he has bee passed by. He didn’t spend months closed up in a room learning blues songs. He doesn’t call himself a blues guitarist. He doesn’t call himself great. He has never been threatened by other guitar players likr Jimi Hendrix. So right off the bat since I am on the letter b and I just metioned Hendrix you know its not him. Hendrix once said Terry Kath from Chicago was better than him.

Its not Jimmy Page either. I have a problem with Page and Led Zeppelin and their blatant theft of blues music and lyrics used in their songs without acknowledgment Just another white man taking advantage of music created by someone else.

There are tons of great guitarists. For my money the greatest is Jeff Beck. A lot of this is because the last person you will hear call him great is Jeff himself. Jeff loves to play and he loves to play with other people. He doesn;t claim to be a blues guitarist he is just a guitarist and what a guitarist he is. In the 70’s he opened the door for guys like Joe Satriani, guys who had no vocalist but just played. Blue Wind is forever my favorite Beck song. My favorite album though is the first one, Truth. He put together his best band Ron Wood on guitar and Rod Stewart on vocals and if you have never heard it you should listen to it today. Its amazing. Sometimes you can measure a person’s greatness by how people treat them. Everyone wants to play with him and that is symbolic of a man that people respect.

Don’t call Jeff Beck an animal just call him great.

Mike out

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