The Music Blog:The Devil’s Music

What you missed, ABBA, Gregory Abbott, Paula Abdul

Welcome to the blog where I get to talk about everything I want about my music collections. If you don’t know all the whys and whats and where tos then you need to catch up by reading the three prequel blogs that explain my music collection. To reiterate I am not going to discuss every piece of music I have. I hope to hit the important bands bands that were important to music,  bands that were important to me.

Now understand, I don’t claim to be an expert and there are always people out there who seem to thrive on the ability to correct others. I call them the music police. They bring everything down. There are mistakes with my collection. Its alphabetical and then chronological and I have made mistakes in how this is all organized. I will give you four examples. The band or artist Sigur Ros. I am not a fan don’t really care for the music but alas I have two albums. Now I honestly don’t know should I organize this under R or S. Well for me its S. If that’s wrong deal with it. I love the blues and I have a lot of it, there are a ton of Blind so and so’s and Memphis so and so’s and other examples. I try to be consistent with this but I am not. Mostly its about feeling where it goes which is appropriate for the blues. In 1977 or 78 the four members of Kiss did solo albums under the Kiss umbrella. I have one of those albums. It is not under Kiss but under the letter for the last name. It always has been. I don’t care how long you have been a card carrying member of the Kiss Army it isn’t getting changed.  Finally. AC/D released the album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap fairly early in their career, way before Highway to Hell.  For me tis album was released after Bon Scott’s death and that’s when I saw and when I bought it.

Which brings me to the subject matter of this first blog; AC/DC Now its kind of funny just how much influence my parents had on me. On the one hand I was rebelling and on the other they ingrained in me a deep fear of devil music without really defining what it was. Most albums I wanted they had to listen to first and some things like the second side of Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies I was not allowed to listen to except that they had these things called headphones. I can remember being over a friend’s house, now this was the70’s and the room was dark and the blacklight was going and Black Sabbath was playing. I could not help but wonder if my friend didn’t worship Satan. Now of course this is ridiculous now at age 56. But I was profoundly uncomfortable. I don’t know how long it took me to really get over this.

AC/DC was just one of those bands I considered sketchy. Now I can honestly say that I listened to The Cars, Journey, Styx, Springsteen. I really don’t know anyone who liked AC/DC all that much. The first song I heard and identified as being by them was Highway to Hell. I can remember being in a record store and looking at that album cover with Angus Young and devil horns and wondering if they were real. I knew they were not but those old parental warnings were banging around in my head.

Some time after Bon Scott died the song Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was released. Now seriously what sixteen year old couldn’t get behind the meaning of that song. That became the first album I ever bought by AC.DC. It will forever sit between Highway to Hell and Back in Blsck. I didn’t like it. The title track was the only song I liked. I seriously thought it was a hodge podge of songs put together and released while they figured out what they were going to do next.

What came next of course was Back in Black. I think its the greatest comeback album of all time. There might be another as good but I can’t think of one. When I heard the bells and that opening riff for Hell’s Bell’s I didn’t care if they were the devil’s personal groomers. That song was made to play one way and one way only, loud. Afterwards there were a series of songs they made that were meant to be played the same way. Its why I love music. I wouldn’t call AC/DC a particularly complex band. Its pretty much three chords and blaze of glory with some catchy lyrics to go along with it.  But let’s face it they spent 30 years doing it as well as anyone. And they are still out there.


Mike out.

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