The Music Blog: Prequel 3 From A to Z What the Hell is wrong With This Guy

So maybe you know, because maybe we are friends on facebook and you follow along. Many of you do; okay so its really like five of you but it could be true. Occasionally someone asks, occasionally a light bulb goes on in someone’s head and they make the observation. Once a person asked if I knew I was actually doing it. That was strange. I was once attacked and called pathetic and not a single person defended me. Most of the time I feel like I have only a few friends in the world and even then I sometimes just feel like I am being tolerated. I embarrass myself. I always have a story and I know not many people really care about me so maybe its true its just pathetic.  I have a couple of guarantees in life though, my dog loves me, you can see it in his eyes and in the eyes of any dog that has ever owned me. And I have music, my constant friend, therapist and the nurturer of my soul. I won’t get into God and you shouldn’t either with me. My feelings and thoughts are well expressed on other blog entries. Since no one reads my blog I can pretty much write anything I want.

It started when I was a kid really. I had severe asthma when I was young. I remember a lot of ER trips, being rocked by my mother until the wee hours of the morning while my father screamed down the hall to keep me quiet. It was not intentional. I wasn’t doing it on purpose really, honestly. I still have asthma and as I grew as a child my bouts were less and less but it was still there. So there were times if I had been sick when I was relegated to my room and there I would entertain myself. As music became more and more a part of my life music is how I passed the time. I pretended I was a disc jockey and I would cue up records and introduce them sometimes recording these shows on sixty or ninety minute cassettes that I could record over. Somehow this morphed into playing the first track on every album and then the second and then the third. I loved doing that and that is a lot of album changing and if you add 8 tracks or cassettes I could entertain myself for hours. I did these things all the way through high school including listening to all my albums alphabetically and that means by artist and when you get to an artist with multiple albums the albums are chronological. So I hope that makes sense.

As I entered adulthood and started working and buying more and more music mostly I listened to music the way anyone else listened to music. I played everything that I had new and played the albums that were new and what I liked. Then one day in my late 20’s I was going through my music and noticed two things. The first was that it was a mess; scattered disorganized and it was hard to find anything or even know what it was that I had. The second thing was just how much music I had that I loved but that I wasn’t listening to. I kept coming across albums and putting them aside saying oh I would love to hear that again and that stack just kept growing. So I decided to organize it alphabetically since that made the most sense and then I started at the first album and started to listen and enjoyed the wonderful surprises that I found.

I have listened to music this way ever since. In fact its rare to get me to deviate and I must have a good reason or be with someone I like to play something out of order. I just want to make sure that I hear everything I have. I bought the music for a reason. The surprising thing is that it always seems that the perfect album will come up at just the right time. Sure there are downsides too. I love Hank Williams but if you listen to Hank four days in a row with nothing else it can start to grate on you. Bessie Smith is the same way.  In the midst of all of that though you find real gems, songs that you forgot about and because nothing is overplayed bands that you were once tired of suddenly don’t sound so bad.

So that’s how I listen to my music. I am not suggesting everyone do this. Music should be enjoyed. I think of something in the letter S and I am on the letter C and I don’t let it tempt me. It takes me about 12 to 18 months to go A to Z. If you want to think that I am pathetic or a loser that’s ok. I have been bullied and made fun of all my life so what ever you think isn’t going to much matter to me. If you want to think I am just the weirdest dude on the planet. Okay, sure why not. I love how I listen to it. I do not think I am hurting a single soul including myself.


Now the next blog entry you get will be from the letter A. Please do not think I am going to blog on every single piece of music I have all 3500 entries. If I miss something you love I am sorry. If you want to comment or you disagree with something I said, comment away. If you are interested in reading other blog entries please do. I don’t write a singl eblog entry without putting  a whole lotta me in it.  So are you ready. Well hang on I am just now listening to Faron Young. I still have 24 other things to play.

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