Music: The Life Blood

Mia Zapata was killed July 7, 1993.

But I will get to that in a moment.

If you have ever studied cognitive theory or consructivism then some of what I am about to write will make a little sense and believe me I am not going to dive into great detail. Much of our memory and our thought process is compartmentalized. You see each of us has our own unique filing system. This filing system and how we retrieve information is based on  lot of things, intelligence, background, experiences all play a part. How we relate to the world or how we construct the reality around us has everything to do with those things. Have you ever litened to the survivors of a mass tragedy. You can tell a lot about that person by how they relate events.

Some of my earliest memories have  a musical basis. Its not surprising at all. Music is one of the most important things in my life, yet I can’t play an instrument or read music and for sure I cannot sing.

When I was very small I can remember a specific day where my mother was ironing and listening to music. I can remember the song Hey Jude by the Beatles. The event lacked any importance to my life. It was a normal day. Yet every time that song plays I go back to that time like it was yesterday even though it was in fact fifty years.

Somewhere when I was around seven or eight I can remember riding my bicycle with other kids in the neighborhood. We had cards in our spokes to make it sound like a motorcycle. There was a transistor radio in my pocket and American Pie by Don Mclean was playing. I didn’t know what a chevy or a levee was but I knew the words to that song. Again its like it was yesterday.

Music is certainly one of the most important things in my life and oh how I have invested in it, vinyl, cd’s turntables and speakers. There is not a day that goes by that I do not listen to music and usually its a lot of music. I am disabled and mostly bind and music continues to give my life meaning. From dancing with my dog, to singing so that my neighbors can hear to fellowship with friends, time spent with a special girl around a fire or in a dive bar listening to bands play music gives meaning to my life. It enriches it. I have a unique way of listenng to the nearly 4000 titles I have. I have thoughts on the blues the greatest jazz albums, greatest symphonies and their composers. I know and love the stories behind the bands and what connects certain bads to other bands and it fascinates me. My entire cognitive being is wrapped up in musical filings. Mostly music nurtures me. It always seems the case that when I am having a bad day or a great day that just the right song seems to come up. Music makes me laugh it makes m cry and when certain songs begin to play it gives me chills. Without music my soul would wither and die.

I share my music and thoughts with people because it s important to me. I study the stories and share them so that you might remember. I don’t worry whether you will remember Kurt Cobain, or Tom Petty or countless other musicians. I really don’t worry that Andrew Wood will be forgotten because he has such a vibrant and fanatical following.

Mia Zapata was a singer for the band The Gits. I never met her. I have two albums that she recorded with the band and I have a dvd of the band’s story and her story. When I see her I feel deeply connected to her. She is someone that if I had been blessed to meet I am sure we would have been friends. I am that drawn to her. Sadly she was killed by a beast of a man who snuffed this great light out and now she is gone. I feel that I have to remember her and I have to tell her story.

And that is just one o the many reasons I am writing about what I love so much.