Murdered in Our Sleep

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal” and thus began the great lie. Americans love Jefferson, we love the declaration, we love the constitution and we use it whenever we try and prove a point usually to other Americans who lack the understanding that we ourselves have. We revere the founding fathers but they missed an opportunity to start this country off, to divert it from its path of cultural fear.  Jefferson himself said of slavery “We have the wolf by the ear and feel the danger of holding or letting him go.” So they gave into their fear. Instead we would fight a war against ourselves less than a hundred years later and still manage to get it wrong. White America was firmly established as the way of life.

The country was colonized up and down the eastern seaboard by those fleeing something; debt, crimes committed, religious persecution. So we set up a country full of ideals, full of promises that freedom would rule the day, unless your skin was black. The founders were afraid of what would happen to a young economy without slaves and then Eli Whitney that evil fellow invented the cotton gin. More slaves were needed and then whites began to fear a black uprising. They feared a revolt in which they would be murdered in their sleep.  We fought a war over slavery and finally it seemed we righted a great wrong but we were deceived. White America simply could not conceive of a world where a black man was the equal  to a white man and they worked hard to keep the black man in his place especially in the south. The last thing a black man wanted was to draw attention to himself, to be known as uppity. White men dressed in white robes and waving the confederate flag would appear from the darkness and they were soon dangling by ropes from trees. So we fought another war a civil rights war. We fought these wars because of th culture of fear that exists here in America a fear of being murdered in our sleep.

One of the great advantages to the United States is how isolated from the world we are. We are far from Europe, far from Asia. We would have never defeated England had it not been for that distance. It has protected us from the invasion of hordes of English, Japanese, Germans, and Vietnamese who would have murdered us in our sleeps if possible. It has also isolated us from social progress and so we fear those things we don’ t understand.  In Europe almost everyone is used to traveling from country to country. The English go to Portugal to vacation, and you can take a weekend trip to Spain. They are quite used to different cultures and different languages. Americans always wonder if the French speak English, they won’t go unless English is going to be spoken. If they speak a different language then they must be plotting against us, they must be planning to murder us in our sleep. We are still isolated. Rural white America believes that the world is against them that someone is plotting against us.

You would think with so much bloodshed Americans would have learned the value of tolerance. But see a group of black men laughing and joking and the thoughts creep in hat they are laughing at you, plotting to murder you in your sleep. See a black man wearing a hoodie and he is up to something. Our fear has been cultivated for  three hundred years. We can’t trust them. See a white cop shoot an unarmed black man and watch the excuses. He had a criminal record, he was not cooperating, he was on drugs. I wish someone would just come out and say I thought they were plotting to murder me, you know in my sleep. Fear drives everything in this country. We are afraid of Black Lives Matter, they should know their place. We don’t mind them protesting just not where we can see them and do it quietly, yet see a black man protest quietly and he is being disrespectful of the flag of the soldiers who defend this country of the police who are trying to protect White America. Black Americans should know their place. Anyone non-white should know their place. I once dated an Hispanic woman and my family asked if she were here legally. All Hispanics are here illegally, they are after our jobs and refuse to learn English. Of course they want your job, you work for an insurance company, or a grocery store chain or the railroad, the phone company. They work in the fields, they mow your lawns, clean your house the things White America does not want to do. We fear them, they have so many children and they look at us like they are plotting to murder us in our sleep. They should go back where they belong. They all must be rapists ad murderers.  It is a culture of fear.

We should blame the Palestinians. Didn’t they create and invent the terrorist. Black September, the PLO, Al Quaeda, ISIS. September 11, 2001 we learned about true fear. I would say it is the scariest day of my life and I lived no where near the attacks, but I left work early, marveled at the lack of airplanes flying into the airport and the military jets that flew so purposefully over the country. Then the pictures of the terrorists being shown all over the news, looking so sinister so evil so dark skinned. They were going to murder us in our sleep. They looked so much like that cabbie I once had and how do I ever go into that store where there is that Arab looking fellow plotting against me to murder me, in my sleep. That culture of fear took over. It did not matter that Islam has existed for thousands of years that Muslims have lived peacefully among us for years and years. None of that mattered, they were out to get us. The Quran says so and we all became experts at interpreting the Quran right?. So when you walk into that store and you see the counter clerk you wonder if he is plotting as you purchase your snickers bar. You want to know what he is thinking? He is wondering how his six year old son is because when he left work he had a temperature. Poor little fellow. He is thinking of his daughter who has a big spelling test. He is thinking how tired he is standing all day. He is thinking that all Americans are rude and must think he is a terrorist. He is wondering how he will pay his electric bill.  Like the black man in the hoodie he has to be up to something. White America and the culture of fear always prevail.

For a country that was founded on religious freedom Christians are strangely intolerant. They want a Muslim ban because the Quran says that all Muslims should want to murder White Christian Americans in their sleep. When you point out that Christians ignore many Bible passages they say yea but Muslims follow the Quran word for word and all they want is Sharia Law. They are going to take over and murder us all, in our sleep. White America is afraid of the refugee unless of course they are Christian refugees. Refugees take money from our veterans, they all have terrorist ites they want to kill us. Under those robes they have bombs which they will use at a moment’s notice. All Muslims are committed to killing us all, they always have been so we stretch out the culture of fear to include them. When there is an attack somewhere we say “See I told you, damn refugees. White America hates them, their skin just a little too dark, they speak funny believe differently. They don’t believe Jesus was the Messiah so we must hate them and Jesus must raise his eyebrows.

White America fears everything different. We teach our children to think like we do, cheer for the same teams we do, and by golly they better vote like we do. White America does not want their children thinking for themselves they might embarrass us then we have to take action. My family calls me stupid. I had family talk to me on the back porch one day about the evils of black people. I have received the lecture that I don’t really know about Muslims how they hate us. I am too slow to think for myself, stupid. White America fears change. White America cannot see a green world without oil. Its all a hoax. They cling to their beliefs that manufacturing will come back, but it won’t. It is a technological world and White America will be left behind because they are too afraid of change of something different. So they fear and they hate.







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