Losing the Moral Right

In case you have not noticed the election of 2016 is a mess. It is simply the strangest and scariest election I can recall. This morning I continue to see posts on my facebook account announcing that the choice is clear; Trump for president. It is disturbing. He is simply the worst candidate in American history, maybe the world.

I won’t even talk about what a Trump presidency will do to the country. The effects of his candidacy are bad enough. For the first time ever I am worried about the process of voting. No, it is not his stupid sore loser complaints that the election is rigged but the frenzy he has worked up in followers, those true believers who have beaten protesters and showed the real ugly side of what being an American is. I am afraid that so called poll watchers will be confrontational and intimidate people trying to vote. Trump supporters have lost the moral right of things. It is not the first time. I see it in friends posts telling me that a Trump presidency means a better supreme court, one that will strike down Roe v Wade and a woman’s right to choose. Pure hypocrisy. Many of my Christian Right friends rant and rave about the evils of abortion but we all know that they don’t care about the right to life in other aspects of American life only what happens in the womb. They do not care about starving children, poor education, the welfare system and sending young men off to war, not to mention what happens to those young men when they come back The list is long, the hypocrisy frightening. They have lost the moral right. You cannot say you care when you so obviously don’t.  The Republican party keeps trying to re-invent itself, being more inclusive. Does it look more inclusive under a Trump presidency where only white people have rights and privilege?

Those are issues right? There are a lot more but I am not writing a novel, at least not here. None of what I have written even addresses the worst; that Trump who is a confessed sexual assaulter has so much support. I wrote a facebook post not too long ago where I asked how you could elect someone that if he exhibited the same behavior in the workplace he would be fired. Most Trumpians told me they didn’t mind the name calling, the misogyny, the blind hatred towards any and all Muslims even a Gold Star family. He is just telling it like it is, but as someone who managed people in the workplace I can tell you his behavior would not be tolerated, yet Republicans want to elect him to the highest office in the land. If you are a Trump supporter you have lost the moral right. You cannot tell me you care about traditional American values like inclusion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press,  or especially freedom of religion.

It’s not a Trunp issue though or at least not entirely. It’s deeper. Can you remember a time in this country when a President of the United States was so obstructed, so hated for everything he does.  Republicans cheer when the Republican congress opposes him. They cheer that nothing is getting done, they cheer that no compromise is given or offered. When did compromise become a value that Americans hated. At 53 years of age, I have seen a lot, voted a lot, experienced a lot. So can you really tell me that so much opposition is because he is a Democrat? Really? Say it for what it is, you don’t like him because he is  a black man in the white house. I would b a lot more comfortable with you just saying you don’t like him because he is black. You can even spit tobacco, tug on your white t-shirt adjust your hat and use the vile N word. At least then I would know. Trump supporters like him because he tells it like it is, you know walk into the dressing room of 15 year old Miss Teen USA contestants to check out the merchandise, things like that so saying you hate the President because he is black would just be refreshing and honest right? You have lost the moral right but I am sure you will keep telling yourself you hate him because of his policies. I mean I never heard anyone say they hated Reagan or even Bill Clinton because of their politics.  It is a unique time in American history and as a country we have lost the moral right. Because I can tell you if I found that my male neighbor was walking into the girls dressing room just to check on things I would be furious and demanding the man lose his job or face criminal action even if he were a coach. Some things are wrong, some things are not defensible. You cannot defend a presidential candidate saying he will lock up his political opponent. You cannot say that the accusers saying he assaulted them are lying because he said he does these things, you cannot say he will ban an entire religion because its necessary and then quote bible passages to me, you cannot support a person who adores Putin and is in bed with him and say you have traditional American values. You have lost the moral right. In one respect I have learned a lot about so called friends. I know where you stand and what you believe. It is good to know where your morality is because you have lost the moral right of things.

My final thought is more personal. I have been a social worker since 1986. I care about people, I care about the world being a better place. My first election voting experience was 1984. My mom went with me and her advice was to vote for the things that best represented who I was and who I wanted to be, I still think its pretty good advice. I have always voted the way I thought was best and represented who I was and after voting I walked away. When asked who I was affiliated with I always said I was a Democrat. If the person asking was a Republican it was no big deal. I can’t say the same anymore. Somewhere along the way being on the other side was frowned upon, and then held in contempt and now is worthy of name calling. When I say and say proudly that I am a Democrat now it opens the door to name calling, hateful name calling. I have been called a Communist, a liberal puke, a libtard (my favorite) and even by one person as not really American. I have a family member who spends his time sending me emails proving how wrong I am, another family member posted an article to my facebook page instructing me to read it so it would set me straight. This is what we have come to, name calling, brow beating and treating me like a child who needs guidance with a shake of their head. I don’t need guidance. I don’t need to be set straight. I don’t need to be called names. I just need respect but then respecting one another is one of those American values lost in the shuffle of things, but then the moral right is lost.


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