The Drunken Samurai

Who is the drunken samurai?

Well, to start with I rarely drink and am not Japanese. The drunken samurai is from Texas in a town just north of Fort Worth. He is me of course, or is that I am him. For the longest I have thought on this new blog to express my quirky outlook on music, movies and swimming with the intention of calling it the drowning samurai. In fact it was not until selecting the title of the site and blog that I accidentally entered it as the drunken samurai, such is life. I don’t really believe in accidents though so through fate I come to this place.

I am an aspiring novelist, a horrible poet who still plunges into the depths of the soul to find quirky phrases that provide those a-ha moments all in a confidence that would make you think I am the next Dylan Thomas. Of course I am horrible, but I am completely unafraid of sharing.

So let’s get to the name. Drowning, or drunken I guess now is related to my complete addiction to swimming. Why swimming? Well its a crazy long journey that begin when I was in my 30’s and  a new father. You see there I was strolling my kid around every night and I happened to glance down and realized I could no longer see my feet. So then and there I decided it was time to start running and I loved it. Then in 2010 I had my first retina detachment followed by others, now at twelve and probably still counting. My retina surgeon told me no more running for you, or anything remotely with an impact and I followed orders and gained weight. Hey I like to eat. I could do one thing, swim. I started in my backyard pool until October when it grew too cold. I then switched to a junior Olympic pool where I found the hundred laps I was doing in my backyard pool equaled about seventeen in the big pool as I call it. I have become addicted swimming a mile and then two and then three, never minding that sometimes my entire day is geared around swimming. There are times when I am sure that people around me or watching must think I am drowning. I keep expecting to be hit in the head with a lifesaver or that someone will shout to just stand up ya moron, its only five feet deep but it hasn’t happened yet. Its a bit like poetry actually. I imagine that I look quite like Michael Phelps when in fact I look like a drunken samurai in full armor in the middle of a hurricane. Floundering, now that’s a good word.

Which brings me to the second part of this blog’s name. What the heck does a swimmer from Texas have to do with the art of the Samurai. Twenty five years ago a friend of mine who in many ways was the older brother I never had introduced me to Akiro Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai. I was told all about it how wonderful it was and how TheMagnificent Seven was an American remake of the Japanese classic. Quite honestly I hated the subtitles and would have preferred to see the Magnificent Seven. Yet over the next few years I watched it when it would come on television and it started to grow on me, so I branched out and saw Yojimbo and then Sanjuro and on and on it went. I own somewhere around twenty five of them now. I love the way the Japanese twist a story, building it until you know that its not what it seems and still being surprised. The film Hara-kiri is breathtaking in this regard.

So that’s me in a nutshell or a blogshell. I have no real direction for this blog, rather like the idea of letting my mind go a little crazy. I might share some really bad poetry or make some music commentary as I let you into my life. I have a ginormous (yes that’s a made up word) music collection that I listen to alphabetically and I am sure there will be an entry on that very topic too. You can probably count on a few reviews of some of my favorite movies many of which will be Samurai movies.


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